Pure Wool Toy Stuffing - Light


TOFT is introducing a pure wool premium toy stuffing for all your Edward's Menagerie characters! This is a natural wool toy filling ideal for stuffing crocheted toys and using in other craft projects. This is a perfect natural alternative to polyester toy stuffing: 100% unbleached and undyed British wool wrapped in a cotton drawstring tote bag.

This light coloured wool is primarily cream fibres that are sourced from Texel sheep. It is great for stuffing toys that have been crocheted using light coloured yarn as you won't be able to see any stuffing through your stitches.

Each bag contains enough stuffing for 8 standard animals (made with DK yarn).

100% British Wool
Biodegradable and sustainable
Approximately 300 g

It is recommended to hand wash only when using pure wool stuffing. Please note that as this is a natural product it may have a sheepy scent.