KnitOvation Stitch Dictionary (book)


Introducing KnitOvation, a brand new stitch dictionary from the author behind the immensely popular AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary.

With over 150 new and creative colourwork knitting motifs, KnitOvation invites knitters to explore a realm of creative possibilities, immersing them deeper into the art of stranded knitting. The collection features imaginative and charming motifs, ranging from botanicals and animals to geometric patterns.

Each motif is thoughtfully paired with accessory and garment designs, showcasing how these patterns can be seamlessly incorporated. The book also provides valuable technical insights on using a chart and enhancing projects with duplicate stitches.

Given the growing enthusiasm for colourwork among knitters, now is the perfect moment to offer them a new tool for their knitting toolbox.

Whether seeking fresh colourwork inspiration, refining knitting techniques, or exploring new pattern ideas, KnitOvation proves to be an ideal gift for both seasoned knitters and beginners in search of creative motivation.