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Pinkfetti to Life Aquatic (four-skein fade)

$180.00 $144.00

We all love a good fade, especially when they are made by La Bien Aimée, the queen of fades! We have assembled a four-skein bundle on La Bien Aimée's Twist Nouveau base in colours that will blend into each other to create a beautiful gradient for your favourite patterns. 

Colour A (1 skein, 100 g): "Pinkfetti"
Colour B (1 skein, 100 g): "Tickle"
Colour C (1 skein, 100 g): "Waterlillies"
Colour D (1 skein, 100 g): "Life Aquatic"

Twist Nouveau
100% Merino Wool
437 yd / 400 m per 100 g skein