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Mysterious City (sock set club)

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“In the heart of Montreal lies a cozy knitting shop where a group of peculiar friends gathers each evening: Reginald the raccoon, Theodore the beaver, and the pigeon brothers: Pete, Paul and Pascuale. With Reginald's nimble paws, Theodore's scholarly mind and the brothers’ watchful eyes, they uncover the city's mysteries. Together, they explore the urban landscape, unravelling enigmas and embracing the magic of Montreal's hidden wonders.”

Mysterious City, a 3-month sock set club, is specially curated for knitted socks lovers! You can expect layered tonals, sometimes lightly speckles, and mysterious-y colourways, like the colour palette Max used in the illustration.

Each month, you will receive:

🦝 one full skein of sock yarn (100g)⁠
🚧 one coordinated mini-skein (20g)
🦫 one enamel pin⁠ and one progress keeper⁠

All colourways and pins are new, and have been created exclusively for this club. Each instalment will be shipped in May, June and July.

International customers (only those outside of Canada and the US) have the option to receive all installments at once on the third month to avoid paying extra duties. Please select the appropriate shipping option at checkout.