Holidays with the Yetis (Holiday Mystery Box)


It’s that time of the year: we are so happy to bring back the holiday mystery box! Our theme this year is “Holidays with the Yetis”. ✨ Max had so much fun creating those adorable (they really are not "abominable", are they?) snowpeople. The yarn, all from Les Garçons, will be inspired by the jewel tones and fun colours that are featured in the illustration. ⁠

Each box will contain:⁠

❄️ 2 full skeins⁠ (fingering and lace)
❄️ 8 mini skeins (fingering)
❄️ 3 progress keepers⁠
❄️ a holiday trinket
❄️ a custom drawstring bag
❄️ a festive candle
❄️ an exclusive pattern that goes with the yarn from the box⁠⁠ ⁠


  • This is a preorder; the boxes will be shipped at the end of November.
  • Boxes are not customizable.
  • Buy the box separately from any other items. Other items will simply be refunded.
  • Make sure the email address used for checkout is accurate; they will be used for all communications.